FCN manages many national contracts for police forces seeking physical forensic services and consumables.

We're proud to have excellent relationships with private-sector providers and police forces, which means we're trusted to get the job done.

Everything we do is designed in partnership with the forensic and procurement communities. We aim to meet your immediate objectives and are always working towards greater long-term stability in the forensic marketplace.


We manage the national police framework for the provision of national scenes of crime consumables & equipment. SceneSafe Ltd have now undertaken two consecutive audits incorporating the requirements of ISO 18385 in addition to ISO 9001.

DNA PACE sampling kits

Forces are using the national police framework for the supply of PACE, Elimination and CED DNA Sampling Kits, to collect DNA Samples for analysis by Forensic Units. The manufacture of kit components and kit assembly follow ISO 18385 and the general standards for PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984).

SFR Medical

The national framework Service Level Agreement, set-up in collaboration with NHS colleagues, is speeding-up justice for victims of crime. SFR Medical Ltd enables investigators to access vital medical reports within 10 days instead of waiting more than two months.

medical procedure


Does BlueLight Commercial manage all of policing's forensic contracts?

No, FCN manages many national forensic frameworks on behalf of policing including those above. We also work closely on the new dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for physical forensic services with its contracting authority BlueLight Commercial.

How do I get involved with the physical forensics DPS?

There are currently 16 police forces running their physical forensic service contracts through the new DPS. All forces in the UK are able to access and use the DPS. If you are a supplier, please visit your BlueLight Portal.

Your first physical forensics DPS

FCN has developed policing's first nationally-available dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for physical forensic services. We worked with the forensic and policing communities, and contracting authority BlueLight Commercial.

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